Trying to Beat that Boredom Bitch

Our little trooper Guilly, was surprisingly up for a trip to the beach the night after we used his body as a 'sign-in' sheet. We headed out to La Jolla to meet up with his sister Celeste and his brother's gf Emily. It was nice hanging out with you ladies...I'm sorry I have no pics to document the day at the beach...I don't want no sand in my camera...It already sucks having it stuck in my butt crack. Ha. JK.

we love you guilly.

check out that snazzy park job. high five guilly!

Lookie at the sticker I found on our walk to the beach. Click here to check out the UPSTARTS

After the beach, we were all pretty toasty...Later that night we were bored so we had no idea what to do...Summer nights can get pretty boring and we always tend to get desperate to do something. So what else is there to do on a Sunday night? How about be super fatties and go out to eat at Cheesecake Factory.

When we go out to eat...we always do it big. Check out Joe (Iggy's) water...yep, that's an olive. Lemon slices are overrated these days.

2/3 of the Bumsville Bitches

Binny Boo Boo

One of our ultimate favs...Mark

Geez louise Julz...do your parents ever feed you?!

Julz and Joe

wa wee wa wooo...this food was deelish.

we need to learn how to cook like that.

who wants to come over for trial tastings?

until next time...

bitches out.

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