Friends & Fireworks

So I guess the trend for blogging about Club Massive is to link you all to Jomo's blog...so click here to check it out. In all actuality, we're just being super lazy and we just want to get the blog up real quick. The Bumsville Bitches spent the 4th separate from each other...Michelle is currently in New Jersey, Annabelle had to help her brother move, and Terry was running her own set of errands throughout the day.
In the afternoon, us two girls that were left back in San Diego got together and cabbed it over to Embarcadero to meet up with everyone. We were greeted by handfuls of friends and delicious food to eat...Thanks for feeding us guys! It was nice to have a fun but relaxed 4th.
Happy Birthday America. Enjoy the pics.

games are fun

what happened?!

sleepy nat



Weekend Snippet

Monster Massive @ HOB was some good times. As so was our 4th of July celebration at the Embarcadero. We just wanted to leave some quick snapshots for kicks and giggles...and we'll post more up once the weekend starts to settle...Hope to see you out there!


P.S. We miss you Legs!


why isn't this movie playing in san diego?!?

we missed our chance...we got jipped. check it out and go watch it if it's showing anywhere near you! it looks AMAZING. you might find it completely reminiscent to the movie 'the cell'...it's by the same director, tarsem singh. gives us chills. weeeee.

click here to check out the movie's site


male hottie of the week

makes me wanna say uhhhhhhhhhhh, nah, nah, nah, nah

oh mr. gerard butler...what you do to us.

we love you. dearly.


who's down with OPP?!

yeah you know me!

Our close friends from One People Project found themselves on hypebeast's blog yesterday, the first of July. If you're smart, you'll check out the blog (click here)...or even click on the link to their site off the side of our blog. Check them out, they're blowing up. Love you guys.


bumsville would like to proudly annouce...

...the departure of jack sparrow. if you haven't been to the pad recently, you probably haven't had the chance to meet our temporary pet, jack sparrow. we found him on the street in front of toe-knee's place.
this past sunday we first witnessed him use his itty bitty wings to barely fly, and over the course of the past few days, he's been more mobile. terry and michelle were able to watch him fly off into the big world earlier today. if you ever see him, send the bird some love...hopefully it'll be like the movies and he'll pay us a visit someday. ha!

bumsville loves you captain jack sparrow. good luck in the real world!


a tad bit old school...

...but still good. for the bumsville girls...sorry it's not the pharell version. relax and enjoyyyy.


ever been in a car ride with terry?!

well, this is what it's like. hahaha. gotta love it.



fighting irish

this one's for the pup, irish. he's not doing too well right now but he's going on steriods so hopefully he'll be able to get stronger! send your love out to the animal yo.

for your in4mation

Sale starting tomorrow at 5&A Dime! Check it out if you wanna look good. xoxx

july 3rd...festivities for the fun folk

got anything to do on the 3rd? well, now you do! don't be boring. come out and play. xoxx

we don't care what you say

...we love jon & kate plus 8!!! hahahah. it's the best ever.

flashing lights

the best thing about bumsville is that it's super close to san diego's best spots like balboa and coronado. a few friends of ours got together and decided to take a little field trip one night. toe-knee was able to take handfuls of sweet shots with his new camera. check them out & enjoy em. make a trip out with us sometime. nothin but good times with good people.