People tend to ask us from time to time. "Why are you guys called the Bumsville Bitches?!" So I just thought I'd write up a quick blog to briefly explain our story, clear some facts up, and catch all of you up.
Why Bumsville? Because...of the location where we live. Of course i'm not going to give you an exact location of where we live...but let's just say during the hours of 3-6pm on the weekdays...it's like recess time for the bums. Bums are EVERYWHERE around these streets! AND Yes, we have found a bum chillaxin right on our driveway before, but no harm has come to us...yet. (We're crossing our fingers on that one...but it's all good since we're effing T.O.U.G.H. lol) Visit us, and I'll show you what i'm talking about.

Why Bitches? I think this is a false statement. I think we just like the ring to the sound of "Bumsville Bitches". We're definately not bitches...we LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting new people and making new friends. We open our home out to practically everyone and we want all of you to have fun while you're here. Just say hi, and we'll most definately say hi back and give you a hug or a high five. It definatley wouldn't sound right if we were called the "Bumsville Babes" or something lame like that. So bitches it is.

So. If we have yet to meet you, we would love to. If we have met you already...we heart you.

Come by, swing by, and for a select few move in (ha!)...

See you in bumsville...bitches


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