Afternoon Dance Party

Please feel free to have one yourself.

haha, oh man.




Sunday!!!..What a fun day....

Well folks...it is Sunday afternoon. The weekend is just about over. Its a beautiful day, and I should be outside, but thats ok....
This weekend was pretty quiet...Friday Street Scene rolled into town. It only being a few blocks from us we could hear the music all weekend...pretty cool. Anne snuck away to LA and the rest of us hit U31.

Once we headed home there was much fun to be had for the sober ones. Toe-Knee made a bit of a mess... Details won't be posted but you can all enjoy the pictures and decide what you think happened...I LOVE YOU TOE-KNEE....Julz SAVED the day...

And with a SMILE on his face!!!! THANKS JULZ.......A few friends strolled through and got to witness the mess...oh what fun....Once we unclogged the sink..the dishes needed to be taken out and HOSED OFF!!! After several more rounds of hosing, they got washed in the dishwasher 3 times!!!!! And after it all, I personally told Julz he had MY permission to tag Toe-Knee with the sharpies, he agreed it would be sweet revenge, but decided to give him a bear hug instead. Thanks for a fantastic night guys. Legs out.