Sweets For The Sweet

There's a lot of delicious spots to grab baked goods that'll satisfy your sweet tooth here in San Diego....

Just this past week a small cupcake spot named Heavenly Cupcake opened up in Downtown on the corner of 6th Ave and Island (Right across from Stingaree). A few friends and I were already strolling around the area, so we decided to stop by and give it a quick taste test...

$3 a cupcake. Choose Wisely.
Red Velvet won all our hearts over. We love you red velvet.

Joe & Cindy
Guilly is pleansantly surprised.
The two girls working were completely nice and adorable. They noted my undying love for cupcakes when they realized I was wearing a necklace with a cupcake on it...So they suggested I check out a blog called Cupcakes Take the Cake. Hahaha. Awesome. Thanks ladies.

Why are cupcakes so frikken cute? I heart them!!

Anyhoots, go check the spot out...I definately recommend it.

Being such a true fat kid at heart...a few lady friends and I decided to head out for dessert late at night to catch up and chat. We went down to 5th Ave in Hillcrest for Karen Krasne's Extraodinary Desserts. Everyone should visit this spot at least once in their lifetime...or more so like a hundred.

Ever hear of an aphrodisiac? Yeah...That's exactly what this place serves...plates of aphrodisiacs.

Marble Cheesecake
Cinnamon Roll
This is my old roomie, Mel...She's officially done with Interior Design school! Congratulations lady! Love you and miss your Hairspray soundtrack dearly. Nina :)
Alison...who just got engaged this summer. Congratulations!! We're so happy for you and Hunter ;)
Love em like I love desserts.

Alright, I'm banning myself from sweets for the next month...That was a lot of sweetness in one day. Okay, maybe that was a lie...I'll most likely get a sweet craving later that i'll find necessary to satisfy. Don't judge me.


There's A Reason...

...why some people say you shouldn't eat around your work area.

Tis the reason why:

Rawrr. I started laughing while eating and ended up spitting my food out all over the place.
It was a beautiful disaster.

Such a mess sometimes.
No big deal.


Jonathan Segal

Inspiration for my mind...
A treat for my eyes...

Jonathan Segal Architect . San Diego, CA

K Lofts


The State

The Union

...and that's why I love my major...

...but not as much as i love YOU! ha. ;)


Guess Who.


Ever listen to Kings of Leon? No? Well snaps, I definately think your handsome pretty little ears are in for a treat. They have a new album called Only_By_The_Night coming out on September 23rd. I already checked my work schedule and I have the day off...When that day comes you bet your socks I'm gonna roll outta bed and drive straight over to Target to buy my copy. Haha. True story.

It's the kind of music that makes you escape to another realm. It's hands down delicious. So enough already...Just listen!

Oh and P.S.

They're gonna be on SNL this weekend with one of my favs, James Franco.
Who's watching with me?




i may look stupid in my pajamas...but annabelle, you should check your blogs! haha. "spanish/greenbeans"? you mean SPINACH/greenbeans! check yo self before you wreck yo self!


I Can't Concentrate

"Can't a bitch just laugh?! "

I can't get my priz pri gramming on because this house is outta control.

I for real just ran around the house & took these...I love it.

Terry's sweetest fit for going out.
So sexy it hurts.

A regular snack in the house: banana split...in the beginning stage.

Meeya being Meeya.
Me not doing work.

We're just wondering if there are cameras in the house recording us. Our random shouts and name calling causes quite a ruckus at times. We're a tad bit unsure that people would accept us for who we are when we're alone together.



Bumsville Family Dinner

It was time to have more family bonding with some compadres of ours...so we thought it would be perfect to have a bunch of people over for dinner. Thanks to everyone that made it out...We truely enjoyed feeding all your stomachs and making you all go into food comas. We're gonna try to have get togethers a lot more often so that everyone can stay in touch more often and just get away from the rest of our busy lives to just relax, enjoy good company, and eat delicious food.

On the menu for the night, chips and a variety of different dips...ranging from pico de gallo, a house salsa, salsa con queso, spinich artichoke dip, caesar salad, chicken & eggplant parmigiana, mashed potatoes, spanish/green beans, spaghetti, rice crispy treats, brownie bites, banana splits, and key lime pie.

Geez louise, that's a lot of food. So gross. haha.

Michelle and I tworken it in the kitchen.
Terry worken the breasts.
Question of the night: "Why does it smell so good when you cook onions?"
First ones to pop the bottle of vino open.
I promise we're not a gang.
Guilly and Felli Fels!
Dinner's ready folks!!!

How's it tasting Klev?!
I think Guilly likes it.

Brandeezy in the house!!! Good seeing you buddy!
Our former roomie....TK...story telling...like always.

Michelle and Meeya...eating out by the bonfire.

Mis hermanos

Notice George using a spoon...sorry for the lack of silverware.
AR reppin!


Once again, thanks for coming out...we really do enjoy having all of you over. To everyone who wasn't present, we would love to have you join us someday...The gate to our yard is always open to you all ;)

Until next time...

Peace and chipped nail polish.

love your faces.