A Song for Nick McPhearson

*Ahem* Let us warm up first...

Mamma made me mash my M&M'ssssssssss
*ding* Mama made me mash my M&M'sssssss...

Okay, Ready.

One, Two, and a Three...





We love you. And no, we don't get tired of having you at the house!

owls & pandas.


It Wont Be Long Until Next Time...

Yeah, we've been missing from the San Diego scene for a hot minute. Thing is, Jaqs hasn't been around So Cal this often for a long time coming now. So we had to take advantage of Jaque time since we may not be seeing her around these parts again until next year. This time we were in LA for a trade show that Skunk Funk took part of. Class is now in session.

Here's some pics from a small party WeSC threw at Santa Monica Bowl. Besides the fact that we were about to bowl all night and get drinks for free...the invitations were sweet things of lip balm by Baxter of California, in mojito...Deelish.


Jacob x Kyle
Now, that's a whole lotta balls...
Bitches get hot sometimes.
Holland in the back...has been MIA from our lives for too long now...

Josh (Arnold Zimberg) x Kyle (SkFk)
Yeah, she likes balls.
Werd. Cobrasnake invasion.

Nobody else wanted the shot. So Mich took it.


Class Trade show

Korean BBQ for din din
look how happy they are <3

Peace out yo. Safe Travels.

We had a good time in LA once again. Thanks to all of you that made the trip a good one...

To our world traveler Jaq,

Lately these days you're never around town. The times I feel most grateful are when planes and cars magically bring you back...even if it's only for a bit, it's quite alright. I'll take what I can get. When you're gone, I only wish you the best in all that you do. Times may get lonely, feelings can make you feel lost...but know back here, back where home once was...that you have a bunch of friends that are rooting for you and are supporting you. At all times. Make the world yours.

Love you.

See you when it's time again. Biyatch.



Bumsville Bitches Dance Party Playlist

We're having a private dance party in Bumsville right now.
Girls only...Just the three of us...

Here's a list of some of our jams for the night:

Jlo feat Ja-Rule . I'm Real

Rhianna . Disturbia

Kanye West . Workout Plan

Jlo . Get Right

Jlo . Play

Ciara . Goodies

Ciara . Oh

Ciara . Like a Boy

Pussycat Dolls . Buttons

NSYNC feat Nelly . Girlfriend

Janet Jackson . All for You

Janet Jackson . Son of a Gun

Janet Jackson . Someone to call my lover

goodness gracious.
we just wanted to share.
it feels good to be all together again.
so lame but so fun.


A Rare Sight...

I rarely see the faces that are featured in this blog. We all got together due to Jaq's arrival into Fullerton...it was nice to catch up and play...even though it was only for a bit.

Speezy...and his hair. He's planning on letting it grow til the end of the year. Sexy time.
Christy-Anne x Jaqs
Danny x Andrew

Danny owns the world..Welcome back to California, love.

Good people, good times...


Play Time

Victory Nightlife invites you to celebrate the good life as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary!!!

Club Massive
Sunday, August 31, 2008 (NO school or work Monday)
The House of Blues
1055 Fifth Avenue, Downtown San Diego

This is a 21+ event

For a decade, Victory Entertainment has created and consistently expanded our scene. Our success is attributed directly to your continuous support. As a token of our appreciation and to celebrate this milestone, we invite everyone to the last MASSIVE event of the summer.
Thank you San Diego!!!

Hosted by Victory's own: Toe-Knee Nguyen, Moe Zarabi, Jodonn Diaz, Jay Montefalcon, and Scotty Holloway!!!

Featuring BabeBlvd. com's own Melissa Reign and Kay Valentine

In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, we're bringing back the all-star line-up that started it all!!!
Smallie Biggz (Hellz Bellz), Hektik (State of Mind Radio), and Slyed (slyed. com)
Live performances by the David Ross Project and Dom Kennedy

DJs Impakt and BluBallz w/ guest DJ EarWaxxx from Las Vegas
Live performance by Son of Ran w/ DJ Virus

Featuring MindzAlike DJs Mark Marcelo, Julz, and Speshul Ed
Free mix tape giveaways

Exclusive FAST PASS available through ticketmaster. com or the HOB box office. Presale tickets guarantee admission and express entry.
This event will sell out!

Celebrating the BIRTHDAYS of Jay & Lee Montefalcon, Jessica C, Suzette M, Marco C, Greg B, Vince R, Angelica J, Eileen G, Benjie P, James C, and Miles S!!!

***GUESTLIST*** E-mail me at victory3nt@aol.com with you and your friends full names. E-mail must contain the subject line "HOB". E-mails must be received by 3:00pm the day of the event.

Visit www. victorynightlife. com for more information


So Proud...

A few of our top fine looken' male friends have recently returned to the United States after completing the Gumball 3000. Alyasha, Jay Dread, Iron Mike, and Len started their drive from San Francisco and ended at Olympic grounds in Beijing. I can only imagine how extraordinary and breath-taking the whole experience was.  All I have to say is that, the Bumsville ladies are truly proud and are super excited to have you back in San Diego.

click here to check out Jay's coverage from the trip off the 5&A Dime blog

The sexy men-Alyasha, Iron Mike, Jay Dread, Len
The Car

The Destination

huge hugs to you guys.

pics stolen from Iron Mike's space from The Upstarts.
Vote For them for "Best Hip Hop Group" in San Diego!!



San Diego Music Awards

Visit The Upstarts by CLICKING HERE.
Then Vote for them on the San Diego Music Awards site for "Best Hip Hop Group" by CLICKING HERE

Also, don't forget to vote Ikah Love for Best Club DJ.

They're all amazing people and most definately deserve such titles.

grassy ass.



Please Sing To Me...

beautiful...just beautiful.