sex, drugs and ROCK N ROLLA!!!

the new guy ritchie film.
check it out.



May I Absorb Some Of Your Brain Knowledge & Skills?

As most of you know, I’m in the process of completing my thesis project for Interior Design. I’ve been completely M.I.A. since I got back to school and I miss you all dearly. While I get deeper into this project, I’m realizing I might need to borrow some people’s brain knowledge for a bit to complete it as I imagine. I have come up with an amazing idea to present my final thesis in December.

I’m asking for anyone with graphic design skills to teach me a few things…I’m only talking about a few basics…how to drop pictures of actual people into other images. Lighting, brushing photos up, rah rah rah…I promise I’m a quick learner…I used to know how to use photoshop, but my skills are a tad bit rusty..so anyone that can help me to polish em up, that would be amazing.

Also, I need someone that knows how to do video production and bizznazz like that. I have no idea how this stuff works, but I wanna be able to cut and paste video clips together, add in additional pictures, text, music, and blah blah blah…pretty much I wanna make a super short video.

...I feel weird saying this, but I might need a couple model/actors/actresses as well. hahaha. Let me know if you want in...and i'll let you know what's going on in my head. It's nothing crazy big, I just wanna take pictures, and do a short video clip....it definately wont take long to do.

This project been the main priority of my life lately, and it will continue to be so until I present it in December. I would love for any of your creative minds to share this learning experience with me…I know that together, some of us could produce some crazy shit together. I know I have handfuls of super talented friends and it's true, together we are super friends. Every little bit of information I can learn right now from any of you would totally help. I will be as flexible as you need me to with times. I probably wont start all of this until 3-4 weeks from now..but I kinda wanna see who can help now...

FYI…If you can help any bit, I’ll rub your feet every Sunday night (except for holidays) and make you peanut butter jelly sandwiches on the daily. I'll even make em with bananas on weekends.

Let me know what you're thinken in that cute little brain of yours.

I love you all like a fat kid loves cake.

Forever and always.
Til the day I die.


Britney Spears-For The Record

A 90 minute documentary on the one and only...

Set to air November 30th @ 10pm on MTV.

Don't hate.


Happy Birthday Binny!!

The Bumsville Bitches LOVE YOU!!!

honk! honk!


Brought To You By Nike

We continue to celebrate the 1 WORLD journey with San Diego Chargers #21, LaDainian Tomlinson. On Sunday, October 12, 100 pairs will hit San Diego streets 1 week earlier than it's launch date of October 17.

Blends and The Attic will be the exclusive San Diego doors, both selling 50 pairs each. Please join us for a day of tailgating at your favorite San Diego store.

Shoes go on sale at 2pm.

Did we mention.. at each store 21 pairs are signed by L.T, and 1 pair will have 2 tickets to the Chargers vs. Patriots game. (If you are the lucky one that receives the tickets, you and a guest will be car-serviced to the game, where you will enjoy plaza level tickets with access to the lightning pavilion!)

Come and get em!

Kanye West-Love Lockdown

Victory Nightlife...Doin You Dirty...

Bulthaup Kitchens

Instead of having a regular class session at SDSU. My thesis class met in downtown at 777 J St, where the San Diego showroom for Bulthaup Kitchens is located. The San Diego location is #17 out of the 500 that are located throughout the world. Designs that Bulthaup produce are known to be ahead of their time. Bulthaup is a highly innovative company that stabilizes itself on Bauhaus principles including: functionality, aesthetic, and client needs. It is clearly apparent in Bulthaup's designs that "form follows function". Bulthaup mainly concentrates their focus on the materials they use in their products and how to manipulate them. Minimalism is a constant approach in design for Bulthaup. Hidden compartmentalization behind the sink and other hidden areas create for a highly user-friendly and space saving kitchen. Clean, sleek, and completely functional for it's user. I love it.

Check one, two..

Is it weird to think a kitchen is sexy?
Maybe...but I still think Bulthaup produces some hot looken kitchens. ha.

Someday Annabelle...Someday...

Click here to check out Bulthaup


(alright, i officially feel like a blogging whore)


Active's Rocktober "Hot Dogs & Hessians"

A Relaxing Day in San Diego

While Terry snuck away to San Francisco to visit Jaque this past weekend...Back in Bumsville, Michelle and I were graced with Dan's presence. We tried our best to show him a couple small wonders of San Diego.

First off, we made an hour long visit to Seaworld...We tried the whole buyer's pass loophole bizznazz, but it didn't pan out the way we had hoped, therefore we couldn't re-enter the park...but it was a good time regardless.

Within that hour Michelle was able to go to second base with the stingrays...
Yeah, I captured the epic moment with my camera. No big deal.

Luckily, before we left we got a snapshot with a live polar bear!! Yay for us.
After our quick trip to Seaworld, we ended up at Balboa Park...Balboa Park is the place where you just let the architecture and environment speak for itself. It needs no words. Here's a few snapshots we took while we absorbed it all in...

Ah, I wish more photos were taken, but it's all good. Twas a beautiful day in San Diego. It was nice to take a quick break from the craziness in our everyday life. The day was completely relaxing and refreshing.

I guess sometimes you just gotta take the time to embrace your current enivornment and breathe...slow time down for a bit & just enjoy it all. There's a beautiful world out there. Some of us don't even take the time to realize what's in front of our faces...We just passerby without thought because we're so absorbed with our daily routines.

Don't you know?
The whole world is yours to explore.

Take the time to explore your immediate surroundings. Embrace that shit. Slow the time down and take notice to all the beauty in everything around you...

Make this world your own.

Werd up.
Hooray for being corny.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it" -Confucius


JUSTICE...You Cant Bust This...

A trailer for a JUSTICE documentary...

A Cross The Universe
By Romain Gavras, So-ME, & JUSTICE

"...they don't even give a damn about our man,
because they never gave a damn about our land.
they say it's justice...
how could it be?
when they're sellen us out eternally?"

Did you pee in your pants a bit?
I did.

Coming November 24th.

Whoa! Me Likey!!

Common "Universal Mind Control" Feat. Pharrell Williams

"This is that automatic. I stay fresh like I'm wrapped in plastic"

always pushin it.
always raisen the bar.

i effin love it.

News For All My Sexy Friends...

My buddy Terry aka I.F.E.R.N. will be showing his art at Bar Basic tomorrow night, Tuesday the 7th. For those who haven't been there already, it's located in downtown on the corner of 10th and J...walking distance from Bumsville...so let's all go and hold hands as we skip our merry little selves over yonder.

live music and dj...dranks dranks and more dranks.
i know for some of you that's super appealing.
oh, and there will be some sexy faces accompanied with sexy bodies.

come out.

410 10 st
Downtown SD

...a visual treat for your prettiful eyes...



Ima Make This Something Worth Dreamin Of

My current inspiration video.

Santogold-L.E.S. Artistes

Change, change, change,
I want to get up out of my skin
tell you what
if I can shake it
Ima make this something worth dreaming of



I'd like to present to all your faces, SEGUE. Created by our dear neighbor and good friends. It's actually something worth reading. Clean, nice, information for your brains. Here's a stolen briefing off TK's page.

SEGUE was created to connect our audience with an unconventional influx of both classic and contemporary ideas. We aim to highlight the work of the most influential professionals in the creative industry and hope to provide a platform for the emerging creative culture.

Our staff has a strong appreciation for travel, art, design, music, fashion and architecture. We indulge in the enrichment that the creative industry provides and promote dialogue amongst our readers.

Edwin, Ollie, and a few others have been working hard to bring Segue Magazine to life. Be on the look out for what's to come...