Meeya and Irish are turning 6!!!

Ok everyone..Meeya and Irish , the vicious yet lovable guard dogs of Bumsville are turning 6 years old. Many of you may or may not know but they were both brought to the world on the same day....CINCO DE MAYO!!! So...mark your calenders, because a fiesta is in the works....
More details to come!

-legs out

2nd umbilical cord....considered CUT

check it all!

-legs out



one year ago

exactly a year ago from this date.
we found this little green and yellow house.
despite the neighborhood, we couldn't help but fall in love.
little did we know, how many special memories would come about from living here.
we're coming down to the last stretch.
one last month to go & time is almost through.
lives are about to change as we move on.
but wasn't it oh so sweet...
if only these walls could talk.

holler at it.



Time for another post...

Good Morning all....well
Needless to say it has been awhile since anyone has posted anything...
Things have been a little hectic around these parts...seems as though the Bumsville Bitches will be parting ways at the end of MAY.
Lets use this time to enjoy this spot andwhen we leave it we can take all the memories made here with us....
just a few i found...

These pictures don't even make a dent in the year spent at bumsville so lets make the last couple monthes the best!!!
-Legs out


recent times @ bumsville

sorry we've been so absent with the blog...
it's been nice having you all over the past few days.

bumsville loves you.
we'll try to keep in touch more often.



i cut off my umbilical cord

new blog.

check one two it if you'd like.




that was for you pete.

asr weekend . sweepen dtown san diego

wednesday night . jan 21st . SEGUE arrival party . bar 923
thursday night . jan 22nd . official agenda trade show party . jan 22nd

saturday day . jan 24th . altamont team signing . active downtown @ petco park
saturday night . jan 24th . alphanumeric . onyx room

put your party shoes on folks.
let's get down to business.



A Crime For All Seasons

The girls are comen back to Cali...and they're going to LA.

An event thrown by MOB, HELLZ, LOVEMADE, & MISSBEHAVE...
this Friday, January 9th, 2009 at the Ecco Ultra Lounge

...Sounds like a hell of good time to me...



Rubik's Cube Jigsaw Puzzle

Okay, this puzzle is nuts...



Forget Differences

Source: The Daily Good


Poppin' Calendar

Made by Stephen Turbek in Brooklyn, NY, the Bubble Calendar is a full-year poster-size calendar printed on paper or plastic. A few different versions are available, priced from $30 to $50. All calendars are over-sized and fully encourage a little compulsive bubble-popping action as we head into this new year.

Uhhh...I would probably pop the bubbles wayy ahead of time. Sweet concept, I guess.

Top photo: NY Daily News. Others: Alex Kotlik

Source: Apartment Therapy



Next Destination: Airport Lounge

12.18.2009 . Please excuse my sorry attempt on catching up with the blog. I've been in a complete whirlwind the past few months...time has been finally slowing down a bit, so here I am trying to catch you all up with everything. Here's some pics from Airport Lounge in Little Italy...Definitely one of my favorite spots due to the view of the plane passing over the outdoor lounge which can keep you speechless.

It's been nice seeing you all out and catching up for a bit. I've missed your sexy faces.


Where The Wild Things Are

Director . Spike Jonze
Writers . Spike Jonze, Dave Eggers

A classic children's story by Maurice Sendak about a world wildly created by a little boy named Max.
coming to screen this October!!!


12.17.2008 . Here are some pics from the final presentation for my thesis class. Presentations were held at my professor's firm in Downtown San Diego at the Harley Ellis Devereaux office. I can't explain how innerving this experience was...but thanks to those of you that pushed me, I was able to finish the class with an above average grade. Thank you all so much for helping me...From helping me with logos, pictures, putting my boards together, and most of all...keeping me sane...Well, somewhat. Thanks a million and good luck to my fellow interior designers...it's been an amazing time with you all!!