Meet Nick

San Diego is filled with lots of amazing individuals. Amongst all the faces I have met...Nick McPhearson stands out in the world of art and graphic design. He recently became a good friend of Bumsville through the magic of meeting through 'a friend of a friend'. Talent seems to just run through Nick's fingers...I've seen him doodle things that would take me quite some time to look just as polished. He knows how to use numerous kinds of media to create art...He's a man machine.

You definately should check him out...


Here's some snapshots I took of his little at home office. Enjoy.

Now that's some good shit, Bitches


Walk to Petco Park

The night after my birthday....Amanda arranged for Michelle & I to join her at a Padres baseball game. We walked over to the stadium & to my suprise the seats were amazing. It was a great relaxing night...all thanks to Amanda.
Thanks lady love. You're the best.

good times, bitches.

My Big Birthday Adventure

Apparently Jomo was trying to steer me away from Bumsville so the bitches & mr bachelor could decorate the place like a jungle for me! A while ago I joked to Michelle about wanting to decorate the place like a jungle cause I thought it would be super fun..Michelle made it happen and it definately stoked me out. Thanks wifey.

I started the day off with a massage...then afterward I had a delicious lunch at Sushi Deli in downtown...

Here's Suzette...she's one of my new favs...

Eric x Tristan

Lunch and a back massage...now that's liven the good life...except it looks like Cindy isn't even enjoying it


Birthday lunch crew! Thanks a milli milli!!

After lunch we went and walked around East Village to say hi to friends and what not. I'm pretty sure this was all a diversion so that the bitches at home could have more time to decorate...

At 5&A Dime Brandeezy and I got to share a hug after what seems like 3 months of seeing each other. He's the shitz.

When we went into Blends where Keith was gracious enough to fulfill my birthday wish by giving me a hug...Thanks Keith.

I wanted to head home for a nap and this is what I came home to...a bunch of pretty people in a pretty house with pretty decorations. It was like being in the jungle! Thanks guys...I HEART YOU!!! The house was super cute and I don't think I could've asked for anything better. It was like we had vines all over the place! hahaha...I love it.

They also hand drew some signage that was posted up all throughout the house...Some major talent and skill was put into these drawings...Here's a few for you guys to check out...

Tristan is quite the artist. Can you guess which one is our beloved Terry?

Which of the pictures didn't belong?... batman? wtf?! haha.

A few people swooped on by the house before we headed out to Onyx & Thin...I don't have pictures off my own camera from the pre-party...but I'm sure they're on either Toe-Knee's or Jomo's blog...Thanks for the ice cream cupcakes and the birthday song a million times....Goodness...I couldn't be any more lucky. You guys are the best.

Onyx & Thin was a bit disasterous for me...I didn't really think I was gonna make it til the end of the night...But I was a trooper and I did my best & I made it! Thanks for everyone who came out and celebrated with me!!

I'm in love... Oh the boys of T.A.A...
A little bubbly for the bitches...
Sprigle x Timothy
Yours Truely...Bumsville Bitches
Somebody help me out...I don't think I'm gonna make it...
Holly x Scotty
Terry x Holly x Ryan

My favorite couple!
Marky Mark
Guilly x Sprigle
Temecula represent.

Jay of 5&A Dime....He'll be leaving to attend Gumball 3000 this weekend...Good Luck & have fun!!
Jomo x Jay x Flo

A little piece of Temecula suprised me with a visit...These guys go back to middle school with me...It was a total shock to see them there...Thanks so much guys!!! I've missed you!!
This is my kuya Chris...he's crazy. haha.

Scrunched up faces with Chelle and Addie George

Thanks again for such a great bday. I had tons of fun and I hope you all did too. I grant you all unlimited high fives for life...anytime, anyday...