swiTCh Table & Chair

Modern lifestyles require modern design. Space is always a major concern in design and tends to cause a potential design dilemma when not given enough. It's furniture like the swiTCh table & chair that allow for change and growth as you wish. In this modern world the needs and wants of a person can change in an instant. The swiTCh allows for changes to be taken place to it's user's discretion without taking up much space nor time.

Designed with two simple shapes, the cube and sphere...is a unique space saving and dual purposed piece of furniture. The swiTCh table & chair allows for a ergonomically correct seat that is stable and comfortable.

If a work space is needed, the chair can easily adapt to your needs by converting into a table and chair. The polyether foam filled ball becomes a chair, and the cube can be flipped onto it's side to serve as a working surface.

The instant 'switch' from comfortable seating chair to desk is nearly effortless. The swiTCh is a great design, it's ability to instantly change allows the piece to stay in tune with your life, and the space that you need. Multi-functional pieces are always a plus!

Designed by Belgian Designer Ellen Ectors

Made by Ellesco International

Check out the swiTCh table HERE

random chair blog? yes i know.
I have to do a speech tonight...so this I figured I'd blog about it to help my remember what to say. Ha! ;)


I've blogged about my friend Terry (aka IFERN) a few times now. I can't help it cause dude's a hardworker and he's definately making his way up in the world again with his amazing talent from skateboarding to painting to creating music.
Due to his amazing talent and rise back into the scene, Terry was recently featured in the new issue of DeQ Magazine, a new up and coming magazine that covers the underground life in Southern California, mainly concentrating on LA and the IE. Terry's been working crazy hard to produce shit to his fullest potential. He is currently out in New York living in a hotel room strictly to finish up a clothing line. He's a prime example of a person using their talent, passion, hard work, and determination to rise above the rest. I'm so proud...He's quite the inspiration for me to keep pushing myself to the max, plus some.

Check out the the issue of DeQ that features Terry by clicking HERE
The article starts on Page 31.
It's a good read and the pics are pretty sweet. Check it out.

Love you man. Kill it.