Today Was A Good Day

Let's start with something sweet...

Thursday, Michelle and I were desperate to be productive and get some thang thang's done around the house and what not. We ended up heading to the grocery store to purchase some ingredients to make a funfetti cupcakes with tons o' love...We have a lot of people to thank and we wanted to make sure that they know we're grateful...cupcakes are always the best way to show someone you care! Haha, at least in my books.

Missing is the plate we made for Birthday boy Marky Mark :(

It was Mark's birthday so we headed to Bar D to wish him a good one...here he is sober with Ed.

We hope you had a good bday celebration at Bar D!

Bumsville didn't stay at Bar D for long...we decided to be fatties and head over to Hong Kong for some delicious food. We've kinda been grandmas lately when it comes to going out...but it's okay cause sometimes being a grandma feeels soooo goood.

Afterwards we went over to Andrew's for a bit to feed his spider Mona...but we ended up leaving there early too....Besides, we had to save all our energy for Friday...it was going to be a big adventurous day...

Friday we all were forced to get up early to get ready for the day...Andrew picked us up and we took the coaster up to Solana Beach...

The ledge..."it's like a piece of artwork"

Terry and Andrew were sitting directly behind the gassy man who graced us with his potent smell on the way up. Thanks gassy man.
Destination: Solana Beach

The coaster dropped us off right in front of Pizza Port where we went to grab lunch.

Laguna Pizza & Pepperoni with Jalapenos. Sooo delicious.

After we feasted on the pizza we were supposed to head over to the Del Mar race tracks to watch the horse races...but to our dismay...Andrew miscalculated the times and the first race was later than we have planned for...


Michelle was pissed.

To kill some time we decided to head over to UNIV to say hi to a few friends...this is where we ended up spending most of our day...lollygagging around. Good times regardless.

Cab ride to UNIV. Terry looks stoked.

Aly & Andrew chatting it up

Danny x Bert Crispin & I looken good on the bikes But I think Michelle rocks it better

Even Grandma's stop by UNIV...dontcha know...

So pretty much we ended up not going to the horse races and we just frolicked around all day...at night time we decided to head over to the laundromat to do laundry and get something productive done...

We even cleaned Toe-Knee's underwear...

Michelle and I fell in love with Terry simultaneously because she was a clean freak last night...she even folded all our laundry.

Now we understand why it's so hot for a guy to come home to his wifey cleaning...if only she did it in her undies....it would be game over in this house. Hah.

Well...Cheers to a random day. Even though the day didn't pan out the way it was planned...it was a another good day.


Since You've Been Gone

To Our Fourth,

The mood around Bumsville has been strangly different these past few days. The hallway is quiet and the sound of the doorbell seems scarce in these parts of town. The usual madness amongst the three women in the household has decreased tremendously. I'm starting to get concerned about our well being without your presence.

Please come back home to us...
You've been missed



Here's S'More

Have you missed us?! We've pretty been MIA in the blogging world. I must apologize...I got super lazy due to the fact that our blog started looking identical to TK's and Jomo's...but a new week has started...Jomo is back in Orange County and TK just flew out to New York for a few days. A lot of weird things have been happening in this house and I pretty much have no clear explanation for any of the madness. It's just been nothing but pure craziness and fun. Like I said, I've been slacking on the blogging because of TK and Jomo covering the past few days...but here's a few straggler pictures I have on my camera.

Michelle and I were cracking up playing around on TK's computer...then suddenly we realized that Three Times a Lady was playing and it was already halfway through the song...this caused me to crack up and spit out all my water onto the floor...I'm a super classy gal.

Thanks for cleaning up my mess Michelle. You're a true blue friend.

Michelle and I decided to head to Temecula for a couple days to pack up our old rooms that we left behind there. Michelle's mom has to move out of her house real soon and my parents' new house should be done being built sometime in August...

While in Temecula, I paid Amanda a visit...we did what we always do when we get together...either watch a movie, play video games, and ALWAYS a mandatory trip to Coffee Bean.

Thanks for the good talk Amanda...miss you again. Come down with Amy soon.

I really do miss Temecula sometimes, but for some reason whenever I'm up there I feel like I don't belong and it's nearly impossible for me to stay there for more than a couple days. Yesterday Michelle and I packed up the truck and headed back for home...good ol' sunny San Diego.

Michelle giving her nephew, Irish, a goodbye kiss. Pretty sure you're missing out if you haven't met my dog yet.

Back in Bumsville, we had a few friends come over...and we decided to make like cavemen and start a fire. Yep, AND we made S'mores...and they were deeeeeeeeeeeeeelish.

Here's the firepit thingamajig Michelle got one Christmas from her friend! Michelle usually uses it to burn her mail and other documents...ahaha. So random.

We had some wood in the backyard we thought we could burn...Here's some pieces that Nick suggested. I think they were too small.

Michelle just tore apart her cabinet...but those pieces were definately too big!

Then we found these long sticks...

Michelle found a better purpose for them...SKIING! ha.

We ended up heading out to the store for some graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate...and wood. Michelle's never been into Albertson's this way..so she was super stoked.

Nice job setting up the wood Michelle. You have some sweet girl scout skills up your sleeve. High five.

Andrew did his part by starting the fire.

We suceeded.

Tim and Terry...the two that didn't do jack diddly squat to start the fire swooped right in to start making s'mores. haha.

Terry would make a great spokesmodel for S'mores.

gay gay gay

what i like about this picture? they just met and they're already sharin stories.

what i like about this picture? the picture that was in my hand that freaked terry out. haha. black mail from sophomore year in high school. ;)

After I passed the photo to Michelle...Terry ended up chasing her outside the house

No llores roomie. We wont post it up anywhere.

Sweet set of wheels Michelle.

Here's Andrew wearing a mask that Michelle cut from one of her pant legs the other day...Quote of the night, "Would you fuck with me?!....Would you fuck with me??" haha, no..we would all run away.

Here's Michelle wearing the mask on a different night...it definately wasn't as scary.

i don't know what i'm saying...probably something like, 'tim, you're gay'

The night was so crazy that the guys felt it was mandatory to finish it off with a tattoo session.

Good times. Like always...ain't nothin new...bitches.