haha, this blog isn't really about match.com. it just seems as if this is the summer of matching due to the factoid that a lot of people have been matching coincidently. here's just three examples that have been caught on camera...let me remind you that these pics have all been taken this prior week. tee-heeeeee. xoxx.

mark x brandon
gotta love the white tee, camo shorts, and red supreme hats
toe-knee x keith
in their fresh white v-neck tees
jay x jeff
plaid shorts and black shoes...with the last minute addition of the hat on jay's head


it's hot and the boys of summer are all sportin the white tee's and shorts. love ya guys.


shake appeal

first off, here's an apology for slacking off to the max on the blog...well, summer is off to a great start...here's exhibit x--shake appeal at the guild. post shake appeal was a little get together at the bumsville house...it's probably the first time we had a huge crowd at the place & it's most definately not going to be the last.

good times with good friends. always. xoxx

ikah love

vicki x terry x jamie
cindy x annabelle x michelle
terry x jamie x michelle
doing the damn thing

a proper greeting at bumsville
josie x gian x klev
lip talk

birth of the pizza p**** palace
throw your hands up!
lots of people
all hungry
notice:hungry eyes in the red/white

hungry indeed! haha, caught ya!

neighbors are good for pedicures

"girlllll, i give you french tip"