A Bastard Moves Into Bumsville

Bumsville was quiet for a few days while Toe-Knee was up in San Francisco. We've missed his craziness...and we think he missed us too because upon his arrival back into Southern California he asked me if he could move in with us at Bumsville. After much deliberation and a long house meeting amongst the ladies, we decided to allow TK to move in...We figured that the Bastard is always here anyway, and we might as well move all his neato electronics here and get something good outta him. Haha. We kid. Well, here's how the long day of moving went...

2/3 of the Bitches. 1/2 of the Bumsville Roomies.

Toe-Knee stretching and preparing for the long day of moving.

Tristan, I love you...but you GOTTA put your shoes on before you go in.

Bitches gotta eat first before we move. Sushihana.


Mmmmm. Sushi.

Hungry much?

After we ate, we got right to work...both the TK's got hard to work right away.

The TK's are all about team effort...it might have something to do with the fact that they have a CHILD together! Here's London, their daughter. hahah. Secret's out.

Toe-Knee likes breast milk. You greedy bastard.

Toe-Knee playing with their son, Lawyer..."Jellyfish, Jellyfish, Jellyfish"

Josephine graced us with her presence...and she didn't forget to bring her dad's sweet set of keys. We luvah you long time...come over and play in Bumsville!

I think that for a moment Toe-Knee was reconsidering moving to Bumsville...

We ended up moving his stuff anyway...

Here's the new set up...SNAZZY eh?! Electronics galore.

All TK brought over was his electronics and barely any clothes cause for some reason he hates bringing clothes along with him wherever he goes...so later that night we decided to make a trip out to Wal-Mart to grab some necessities we needed throughout the house. We actually ended up buying a bunch of random unnecessary stuff as well.

We made a stop in the soap isle and decided to have a little sniff fest. "Ooohh, Smell this one!"

The TK's...together again...with Toe-Knee's new cereal goblet thingamajig.

This is our new friend Elliot. He tells good stories. All of them are TRUE STORIES too.

Almost $85 at Wal-Mart?! Geez. Good thing that purchase includes a huge ceral goblet and some undies ;)

Tristan, Toe-Knee, and Michelle unloading the cart...

Tim just bought a new camera earlier that day..."Ooo. Look at the colors!!"

Sprigle and his box of dots & free incense. What a successful trip to Wal-Mart.

Apparently...Toe-Knee's proud of this frikken goblet. (FYI...every picture after this one the goblet is present...the goblet is a picture whore)

It takes two men to get the cereal process ready. Frank and Toe-Knee did a great job.

Sharing is caring...and us roomies care

OMG... I think I want to break that goblet already.

Some of the crowd at Bumsville...and the goblet. Again.

Ahhh, summertime in Bumsville. It's always completely random. Goblets, dots, Barbie cereal, random move-ins, rooftop climbing, and what not. We keep meeting new faces and the crowds that swing by just keep getting bigger and bigger. I only have one request...we need more ladies to help occupy this place! The men are taking over.

Where my girls at?!

Well...Welcome home Toe-Knee. You're officially our Bumsville Bastard.

To everyone else, come join our random festivies so we can beat all this Summer boredom together.

Randomness for life...it's fun...bitches...and bastards.


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