Beaches, Bridges, and Bitches

Yesterday started out with a trip to Coronado Beach with some of our bests. Julz was nice enough to help Me and Anne with our first skim boarding experience. Neither of us stayed on too long. But I am happy to report that Anne only fell once, but got right back up and tried again. We both look forward to our next lesson with Julz. Thanks Julz!

After we got home a nice man came and fixed our leaky sink...for the second time. So needless to say our kitchen was a bit of a mess while the cabinet dried.
While everyone slept off the heat Legs got some painting done...holler!After a long night in the emergency room Joe and Cindy brought over some Hong King left overs for our broke asses...Cindy got to see Bumsville for the first time...come back and visit soon!!!!

It was later that night when the Bumsville Bitches decided to go meet up with a few good people at the suspension bridge... We were having fun taking pics and monkeying around...
Legs hates to love this place because of her fear of heights. But she is slowly warming up to it and made a huge advancement that night...
Thats right folks she is sitting on the edge of the bridge with her favorite bitches. Don't we all look nice and tan?!?! Well the night continued and became more and more random when everyone decided it would be a good idea to go down below the bridge..who's idea was that anyway? Oh ya...Tim.That didn't pan out the way they thought...so they all headed back up and the next random act was Andrew's attempt to climb the tower. I think it is safe to say that he was a monkey in his past life...Below you will see why I say this.

Attempt #1-FAILED

Attempt #2-FAILED

Attempt #3-He is on his way up..

UP...UP..AND UP...

Look who made it to the top...Just to let everyone know, he got down safely...
Then we all headed over to the boys place...this is their address, but the street will remain confidential for their safety...We were surprised to see how nicely kept there place was..not your typical bachelor pad...it was then that some pretty crazy stories were exchanged...Legs and Anne held a tarantula Afterward a sword fight went down, and overall it was just a really random night. It wasnt until about 3am the Bitches decided to head back to Bumsville to get some food. The girls and I shared some left overs donated by Joe of TAA...thanks Joe, and then we all went to bed at 4:45 am.

Just another day in the life for Bumsville, Bitches...

Legs out!

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