sucks to be in bumsville

Yesterday started early for a couple of us in Bumsville. Michelle and I went on a cleaning spree, and we planned to head over to the laundry mat to clean all our blankets. We decided it was about time to clean those babies since we always have our house open to our friends. Pretty much the blankets get used daily.

Before the three of us left the house to start the day, we left out bug bombs to kill all those stinkers that have been biting us lately. Sucks for them.

After we extinguished the bug bombs, we ran out of the house as quickly as possible. Terry went off to her sister's place while Michelle and I headed over to the laundry mat. Michelle and I ended up waiting for all our laundry hours upon hours...I'm pretty sure everyone thought we a little bit on the cuckoo side because we pretty much ended up goofing off the whole time and had a huge giggle fest.

hello, we like to clean.


these pants DEFINATELY are NOT mine. sucks.

these shorts DEFINATELY are NOT hers. sucks. haha

these dryers are HUGE!

done and done. mind you, there's still more laundry behind those that aren't visible...AND some in the back seat.
note to TK: ...we kinda borrowed your car to transport the laundry to and from the house. Thank youuuuu. Hope you're having fun in SF!


At night, we had a few friends come over before we headed out to Modus for the night. Thanks for coming down guys.

Messing up my room. Sucks. No worries, it's fixed now.

Modus was packed and full of lots of good people...but we decided to leave early and head back home to chow down on some Hong Kong. Guilly didn't make it to the food fest, INSTEAD, this is how his night ended up...

Passed out Guilly and handfuls of Sharpie markers...sucks.

oh yeah, he did do that. gross. sucks.

I have a confession...whenever people came over I said "you guys have to sign in on the sign-in sheet" (which was you, guilly)

George signing in

Erwin and JR signing in

Joe and Julz signing in

Sucks to be Guilly in Bumsville. We've decided that you get a free pass for the next few days. Thanks for being such a great sport. We lovah you long time. ;)

One more thing...Sucks for you if you steal Guilly's phone.

Haha, what sucky day. JK. it's always good to be in bumsville. jokes, pranks, and all...it'll always be good...



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