Be thankful for every day....

Exactly one year ago today...the girls you know as the "Bumsville Bitches", were blessed with a first hand experience of an accident that could have taken any one of their lives if it had happened any other way. Luckily the 3 of them walked away from it...
It all happened about 4pm...Terry, Anne, and myself were hanging out at Anne's old apartment by state. I had a family dinner to go to in Del Mar and needed to get going. I had parked my car in Anne's garage and the girls were helping me back out, as it was a one car garage in a very small parking lot. I was about half way out when I saw a car come flying at us, completely air born....

The picture above shows the scene of the accident minutes after it happened. The scariest part was that Anne was standing right where the car landed. From my view after the car landed I thought she was underneath it. I got out of my car and saw Terry on my right, I ran around to see Anne laying on the ground in shock trying to crawl away from the car that had landed at her feet. Terry and I helped her up and we ran away from the smoking car.

People who had seen or heard the accident called 911. They had to pull the elderly man who was driving that crashed, from his mangled car with the jaws of life through the roof of his car. The cops informed us that he was alive but non-responsive when they took him away in the ambulance. They also told us they believed he had gone into a diabetic coma while driving which was the cause of the accident. To this day I often wonder how he is. I wanted to try and somehow find out if he indeed was OK.

The 3 of us were a bit shaken to say the least. There were lots of tears and hugs, and Anne's neighbor DJ Effrin, helped calm us down with some mint mojitos.
The next day Anne and I went back to take some photos in the daylight and see the remains of the accident.

What a day. It was one of those experiences that changes your outlook on everything. Even if its for only a week, you breathe the air in a little bit deeper, take a longer look at a beautiful picture, savor that last bite of your favorite meal..and tell those you love, who make your life worth living, just how much you appreciate them.

I love you Bitches!

-Legs Out



yes, i'm done.

thanks to those who pushed me through and helped me in any way, shape, or form. i can't wait to hang out with all of you...it's been a while. thanks again. you're all the bestest!

hang out with me!



Coming Soon!!!!

PINDi @ The Park.




Here's a quick snapshot of the rooftop of my restaurant/bar/nightclub. Still a work in progress...Nearly done. Loven the big man standing tall and proud. hahaha. WTF.

2 weeks from today folks!!!


Anyone got a good DESKTOP computer or a laptop that I can render these delicious things on? My laptop keeps shutting down on me cause it's such a piece. Desktops usually work better for this kind of business. I would really really appreciate it and I'll repay you with delicious food. :)

love you.
see you in two.



some pics from my project

the city.

the location.
the enivornment.
the building.
the restaurant. P I N D i @ the park.coming december 15th, 2008

Photography: Toe-Knee
Logo: Iggy

i'm almost done folks!...i'll post pics soon.



swiTCh Table & Chair

Modern lifestyles require modern design. Space is always a major concern in design and tends to cause a potential design dilemma when not given enough. It's furniture like the swiTCh table & chair that allow for change and growth as you wish. In this modern world the needs and wants of a person can change in an instant. The swiTCh allows for changes to be taken place to it's user's discretion without taking up much space nor time.

Designed with two simple shapes, the cube and sphere...is a unique space saving and dual purposed piece of furniture. The swiTCh table & chair allows for a ergonomically correct seat that is stable and comfortable.

If a work space is needed, the chair can easily adapt to your needs by converting into a table and chair. The polyether foam filled ball becomes a chair, and the cube can be flipped onto it's side to serve as a working surface.

The instant 'switch' from comfortable seating chair to desk is nearly effortless. The swiTCh is a great design, it's ability to instantly change allows the piece to stay in tune with your life, and the space that you need. Multi-functional pieces are always a plus!

Designed by Belgian Designer Ellen Ectors

Made by Ellesco International

Check out the swiTCh table HERE

random chair blog? yes i know.
I have to do a speech tonight...so this I figured I'd blog about it to help my remember what to say. Ha! ;)


I've blogged about my friend Terry (aka IFERN) a few times now. I can't help it cause dude's a hardworker and he's definately making his way up in the world again with his amazing talent from skateboarding to painting to creating music.
Due to his amazing talent and rise back into the scene, Terry was recently featured in the new issue of DeQ Magazine, a new up and coming magazine that covers the underground life in Southern California, mainly concentrating on LA and the IE. Terry's been working crazy hard to produce shit to his fullest potential. He is currently out in New York living in a hotel room strictly to finish up a clothing line. He's a prime example of a person using their talent, passion, hard work, and determination to rise above the rest. I'm so proud...He's quite the inspiration for me to keep pushing myself to the max, plus some.

Check out the the issue of DeQ that features Terry by clicking HERE
The article starts on Page 31.
It's a good read and the pics are pretty sweet. Check it out.

Love you man. Kill it.



Shake Appeal

$5 presale tickets

($10 at the door)

available now at:

5 & A DIME

701 8th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-0364

5andadime. com

Friday: Upstarts LIVE @ Anthology


SNL Skit: Single Ladies

I would marry any of the following without hesitation: Paul Rudd, Justin Timberlake, and/or Andy Samberg. BEST SNL skit i've seen in my life...what dreamboats! haha.



How the Aeron Chair Inspired Burton’s Snowboarders

If you have yet to learn...

Designers at Burton Snowboards have derived design ideas from The Aeron Chair, which is a famous Herman Miller office chair due to it's high comfort and aesthetic factor. With design factors of the Aeron Chair in mind, Burton Snowboards created their latest snowboard bindings. The binding rocks similarites of the chair’s signature webbing and strong Y support core, creating a lightweight and flexible structure that will run interested snowboarders $390. Check out the Fast Company website to check out a more detailed analysis on how the The Aeron Chair led to a breakthrough in snowboarding binding.

I'm probably a little late on posting this information, yet I still felt obligated to share it. It's awesome that snowboarding can be influnced by furniture/office design. Think about it, two complete opposite industries having the ability to influence and inspire one or the other...
Don't you love the whole idea of it?!

Everything is connected in one way or another.
Oh, this world we live in.

Werd up.




I really want to hang out with these two. They totally seem super fun to hang out with, and I love how happy their music makes me. I've been repeating this song over and over the past few days.

I need more happy music to get me through the next month of hardcore work...Lemme know if you got suggestions! Love your face.



Kanye West-Heartless

Kanye posted a rotoscoped video for "Heartless" which 65 Japanese animators produced. Not too shabby, but not my fav.

Heartless from kwest on Vimeo.



Madonna @ Petco Park

The girls and I were able to head up the Legend to catch a peek of Madonna's show she held at Petco Park last night. Madonna is the second performer to ever play at Petco, following The Rolling Stones. The show was massive and the park was completely packed. The line for entry passed Active Rideshop and went approximately 5 blocks down 7th ave. Madonna was all about Obama's win...his acceptance speech was aired on the big screen and right when he was done she made her appearance on stage. Here's a clip of her announcing his win...

Werd up!

Goodness, she's the shit.


Change We Can Believe In

Barack Obama,

Bumsville loves you.


we have made history ladies & gents...this is a good day!


i watch too much t.v.

check out the new guitar hero commercials....

heidi klum is sooooo cute!!!

definetly commercials to watch over and over....and over!


Yelle @ Beauty Bar

Nothing but deliciousness.
Yelle definately knows how to put on a show.

we're all screamen bunch of gibberish. haha.
good end to a good weekend.



Halloween Weekend

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween Weekend! Twas some good times at House of Blues...it was nice seeing most of your beautiful faces...for those who we didn't get to see, we partied with you in spirit and can't wait til the next time we finally get to play.

I know everyone's waiting to bum some pics...so here they areee....From the morning of Halloween until the next day during breakfast at Zanzibar. Good times.

Terry's face when she tries to scare you by saying, "boo". Barely convincing.

Costume possibility?
Prepping for the rest of the day to come.
Terry the stylist, costume designer, hair designer, etc, etc.

Before After


Speed Racer x Chippendale
"Are you a blood?!" "No! I'm a chipmunk!" Alvin.

Scooby Doo
Ron, our favorite photographer

Yours truely...

Roxanne x Feli Fels x Bumsville
Mike Ironz

Sexy shower man.
Go Speed Racer, Go.
Birthday girl, Judy.


Duck Tales

November 01, 2008
Zanzibar Cafe . Downtown SD

Next morning pow wow.

SD's finest story teller.
So happy about his food.
Whatcha drinken over there Terry??
After breakfast we all took a walk over to Blends for a quick hello.

Ah, life is good when things ain't a bitch.
Happy Halloween!