How the Aeron Chair Inspired Burton’s Snowboarders

If you have yet to learn...

Designers at Burton Snowboards have derived design ideas from The Aeron Chair, which is a famous Herman Miller office chair due to it's high comfort and aesthetic factor. With design factors of the Aeron Chair in mind, Burton Snowboards created their latest snowboard bindings. The binding rocks similarites of the chair’s signature webbing and strong Y support core, creating a lightweight and flexible structure that will run interested snowboarders $390. Check out the Fast Company website to check out a more detailed analysis on how the The Aeron Chair led to a breakthrough in snowboarding binding.

I'm probably a little late on posting this information, yet I still felt obligated to share it. It's awesome that snowboarding can be influnced by furniture/office design. Think about it, two complete opposite industries having the ability to influence and inspire one or the other...
Don't you love the whole idea of it?!

Everything is connected in one way or another.
Oh, this world we live in.

Werd up.


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