Halloween Weekend

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween Weekend! Twas some good times at House of Blues...it was nice seeing most of your beautiful faces...for those who we didn't get to see, we partied with you in spirit and can't wait til the next time we finally get to play.

I know everyone's waiting to bum some pics...so here they areee....From the morning of Halloween until the next day during breakfast at Zanzibar. Good times.

Terry's face when she tries to scare you by saying, "boo". Barely convincing.

Costume possibility?
Prepping for the rest of the day to come.
Terry the stylist, costume designer, hair designer, etc, etc.

Before After


Speed Racer x Chippendale
"Are you a blood?!" "No! I'm a chipmunk!" Alvin.

Scooby Doo
Ron, our favorite photographer

Yours truely...

Roxanne x Feli Fels x Bumsville
Mike Ironz

Sexy shower man.
Go Speed Racer, Go.
Birthday girl, Judy.


Duck Tales

November 01, 2008
Zanzibar Cafe . Downtown SD

Next morning pow wow.

SD's finest story teller.
So happy about his food.
Whatcha drinken over there Terry??
After breakfast we all took a walk over to Blends for a quick hello.

Ah, life is good when things ain't a bitch.
Happy Halloween!


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