Bumsville Family Dinner

It was time to have more family bonding with some compadres of ours...so we thought it would be perfect to have a bunch of people over for dinner. Thanks to everyone that made it out...We truely enjoyed feeding all your stomachs and making you all go into food comas. We're gonna try to have get togethers a lot more often so that everyone can stay in touch more often and just get away from the rest of our busy lives to just relax, enjoy good company, and eat delicious food.

On the menu for the night, chips and a variety of different dips...ranging from pico de gallo, a house salsa, salsa con queso, spinich artichoke dip, caesar salad, chicken & eggplant parmigiana, mashed potatoes, spanish/green beans, spaghetti, rice crispy treats, brownie bites, banana splits, and key lime pie.

Geez louise, that's a lot of food. So gross. haha.

Michelle and I tworken it in the kitchen.
Terry worken the breasts.
Question of the night: "Why does it smell so good when you cook onions?"
First ones to pop the bottle of vino open.
I promise we're not a gang.
Guilly and Felli Fels!
Dinner's ready folks!!!

How's it tasting Klev?!
I think Guilly likes it.

Brandeezy in the house!!! Good seeing you buddy!
Our former roomie....TK...story telling...like always.

Michelle and Meeya...eating out by the bonfire.

Mis hermanos

Notice George using a spoon...sorry for the lack of silverware.
AR reppin!


Once again, thanks for coming out...we really do enjoy having all of you over. To everyone who wasn't present, we would love to have you join us someday...The gate to our yard is always open to you all ;)

Until next time...

Peace and chipped nail polish.

love your faces.


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