Let's Get Together Again

Just recently it seemed as if it's been a while since a core group of the Bumsville Bitches friends have gotten together and hung out. Recently, our contact with each other felt like it was nothing more than a five minute hello. It seemed appropiate to try to get a few of us together and have grab dinner and drinks at Min Sok Chon...so a few texts were sent out and calls were made...and we actually made it happen. Cheers to those who were able to make it out. We missed those who couldn't come out...but some of you made it up the next night ;)

Mark and Julz cruised over beforehand to meet up and ride out with us... Terry and Julz are matching! Too cute. Guilly x Julz at Min Sok. Yay!
avant garde
Love the laughing and smiling.

I dunno what this madness is called...I know it looks like a spaceship...but it's a photobooth..."push! push!!" hahaha. Good times.
After we ate like heffers, we brought our gaseous selves over to Modus to see Julz spin and celebrate Vince's birthday...
Binny was kinda tired from all the soju...
Vine wanted to play all night...I have never seen you like this before Vince. It was awesome.
When Vince is drunk...kid kinda plays rough...look how awkward my face is. hahah.
Cindy x Feli Fels...keepin it quiet and low-key.
Joe keepin it bakla.
Guilly being Guilly.
An A-Ok group photo.
Happy Birthday Vince.
Goodnight Vince...

Twas a good one...so good that we had people over for a family potluck the next night...rah rah rah.


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Vincent said...

Wow, Bin told me you ladies posted the Bday night. Thanks, way out the realm. Im glad everyone had fun.