yeah uh huh...

Yesterday, Terry and I had to face the same difficult question we ask each other almost everyday..."What should we eat for lunch?!". We changed our minds on what to eat about a handful of times, and after an hour we finally got Rubios. If you have yet to try their churros...we highly recommend them. They melt in your mouth...it's deeeeelish!


At night, we met up with our neighbors...just recently named the Bumsville Bachelors. Our partners in crime (TAA) were there as well. We all were bored and tried to entertain ourselves in various ways.


TK...being TK. I'm pretty sure he licked his toe sometime after this.

Terry browsing the photobooth pics from HOB.

Erwin..rumaging through his paper bag of fireworks...

It was then when we decided to head to Coronado to light a few of them. We all ended up in TK's car and drove less than five minutes across the water into Coronado.

Guilly and Bin taking the back end of the car. Suckas.

The King Blogster is always at work

All I lit were stupid snake thingies that grow when you light em...borrringggg.

Welp, after that we had to bring our fatty butts over to Denny's for some moons over my hammy. It was delicious. Another night of killing boredom...good times.


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