art of i.f.e.r.n.

Ever since I first met I.F.E.R.N. (aka Terry) I was completely intrigued by his personality. I have never met someone with such a creative and open mind. He has a big heart that's full of passion...you can find him anywhere and everywhere...either skating, making music & art, or doing anything that involves having a good time. It's been a while since we've last hung out, but for some reason I still adore the guy as much as I did when I first got to know him.
I remember when I first fell in love with his artistic ability to paint. He primarily uses bright and bold colors to create all his pieces. As time progressed he produced handfuls of artwork that clearly displayed his growth within the world of art. Each piece kept on getting more crazy, beautiful, detailed, and creative. Recently he sent out a bulletin of his latest artwork and I fell in love with his art all over again. I messaged him to express my admiration for his work and asked him if I could blog about him. He agreed. I hope you all enjoy his work as much as I do. This kind of shit deserves to be seen by as many eyes possible. I hope that you agree with me in saying that he is truely talented. enjoi.

If interested, he sells his work. I'm pretty sure he sells the originals too. If you want to check out more stuff by him...click HERE

watch out for him...

I.F.E.R.N...This one's for you buddy...I always told you how much I enjoyed your work, but I don't think you ever realized to what extent. Miss your face and funness. Best of luck.


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you're right...this is good stuff!