"i love those guys!"

Yesterday morning was a little unfortunate due to circumstances with Legs (Chelle)...we were worried she caught the West Nile virus from New Jersey for a bit there...but she's good now. Legs was let out early from work and was brought to the hospital where she got checked out. Terry and I met up with her at Sharp Medical. As we waited for Legs to come out, a receptionist said something along the lines of, "I wish I had friends that waited for me...I wish I had friends, period". Hah! I thought that was funny.

The whole time we waited for Michelle...I couldn't shake off my craving for some kung pao chicken...so I dragged the girls over to Panda Express afterward...They have this new beef item that's really delicious...I forget the name..but you should go and try it out...mmmmm. Fatties for life.

Back at home, Michelle was starting to feel better...til she found a fly in her orange juice! haha. disgusting!

Shoo fly! Don't bother me!

Later at night, we got a surprise...Groceries at our doorstep!

The groceries included...

-Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper
-Smuckers Jelly
-Skippy Peanut Butter

Completely unnecessary...but talk about unnecessary...this is what else we found when we came out to our backyard.

We got OWNED.

Hmm...I wonder who else would do this to us?! Of course it was the TAA boys...TK, Guilly, Binny, Joe, and Julz. Haha, I really do love you guys. Mind you, the boys got all of this done while Legs and I were inside with the door wide open to the backyard...we had no idea what was going on in our own very yard! The boys definately have a few ninja-like skills up their sleeves.

As the girls and I inspected the scene we wondered where the boys were...TK and Guilly were watching us from our roof while Binny and Julz hid behind our washing machine in the back. Thanks for jumping out and scaring us! haha.

The trash they left in the bed of my truck

Afterward, we headed inside. Then TK decided to play interior designer and we rearranged the living room. I think his ultimate plan is to try to rearrange things so that we could end up fitting a desk specially for him somewhere around the house. Very clever TK.

oh guilly....


Next up with the guys was the birth the "Man Games"...they started hitting each other and arm wrestling. I dunno...I guess it's your usual macho stuff. I'm not sure as to why guys are like this..boys will be boys..

joe vs. julz

joe won.

Haha, whatever you guys are into. Thanks for entertaining us for a bit...our day ended the way we needed it to thanks to you guys.

bumsville hearts taa


don't think that the bumsville bitches wont get you back. war time.

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