visitors welcome

originally from t-town...the bumsville ladies used to be only visitors to san diego. it's been nice to settle in and become familiar with the city along with the growing privilege to be able to call it home. from time to time we find ourselves heading back up north to our hometown, but strangely it's been starting to feel less like home, and the feeling of being a 'visitor' has arisen. visiting t-town is like visiting the past and it's a tad bit bittersweet. our love for t-town still remains, but with our new home located in san diego, there is a sense of feeling that we have been moving forward with our lives by becoming familiar & experiencing new things...which is a great feeling.

here's a couple pictures of the wine country city that we used to once call home

thanks to all our friends and visitors to the bumsville pad, we've been able to quickly adjust ourselves to our new home in san diego. it's been fun, crazy, and terribly tiring...but amusing nonetheless to almost constantly have people over. we keep our fridge stocked to the max so we can keep entertaining and feeding you all...

told you we keep our fridge stocked...bitches gotta eat!

our 'winner' neighbors...edwin and erwin. come over from time to time to raid our fridge...but it's all good cause they keep us entertained and have proven to be a couple of handy men around the house.

erwin likes to work for his food...here he is trying to fix our wireless connection

here's edwin...passed out, yet still capable to entertain us

as often as we have visitors over...there are the unknowns that walk the streets of bumsville during what we like to call 'recess time'...we recently have found a couple getting pretty comfortable in front of our house...we're pretty sure this isn't going to be the only time this happens but...moral of the story is...if you're unwelcome..we wont open the gate for you. ha!

you're bummed.

do not fret though. you're pretty much guaranteed entry if you're a friend of ours. check out the blog again soon, we have some fun pictures to post up and show you all! peace, love, and high fives from san diego. xxxoo

you stay classy, san diego

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