look who joined the blogging bandwagon

heyyyaaa. bumsville reporting. we just thought we'd jump onto the blogging bandwagon to help you all snoop into our daily lives. it's been crazy hectic since we moved into our little skittle colored abode. we've become beyond pooped but we can't complain since life hasn't been anything short of amazing. our lease is for a year...but who knows where this is all go after then...who even thought we would be where we are now in the first place?!

here's a few pics starting from when we first moved into our house....it has most definately been a doozie since we've moved in, from the actual move-in process, the countless sleepovers, getting locked out, playtime, etc...thanks to all our friends and family. here's to a new beginning. cheers.

big xxx's and big ooo's
us chillen in front of the 'win'ner's place

officially a part of bumsville
forget the mattress. just use a box.

successful trip to the store

the supposed camera that looks into our backyard

michelle's bed. conquering her.

not funny.

scott. our missing friend. have you seen him?

congrats to the 2008 grads from SDSU


reunited with guilly. House Of Blues-Hellz Bellz Afterparty

2/3 of bumsville bitches

toe-knee, our favorite hobbler

we heart josie!

neighborly love

the infamous bmx pose

i spy tk. somewhere amongst the mess.

a different kind of mess.

thanks guys!

who woulda thunk. erwin the handy man.

neighbors at jade. celebration for toe-knee's sweet 25th birthday

we love TAA

the cutest DJ ever

brandon. sweeps.

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