It Wont Be Long Until Next Time...

Yeah, we've been missing from the San Diego scene for a hot minute. Thing is, Jaqs hasn't been around So Cal this often for a long time coming now. So we had to take advantage of Jaque time since we may not be seeing her around these parts again until next year. This time we were in LA for a trade show that Skunk Funk took part of. Class is now in session.

Here's some pics from a small party WeSC threw at Santa Monica Bowl. Besides the fact that we were about to bowl all night and get drinks for free...the invitations were sweet things of lip balm by Baxter of California, in mojito...Deelish.


Jacob x Kyle
Now, that's a whole lotta balls...
Bitches get hot sometimes.
Holland in the back...has been MIA from our lives for too long now...

Josh (Arnold Zimberg) x Kyle (SkFk)
Yeah, she likes balls.
Werd. Cobrasnake invasion.

Nobody else wanted the shot. So Mich took it.


Class Trade show

Korean BBQ for din din
look how happy they are <3

Peace out yo. Safe Travels.

We had a good time in LA once again. Thanks to all of you that made the trip a good one...

To our world traveler Jaq,

Lately these days you're never around town. The times I feel most grateful are when planes and cars magically bring you back...even if it's only for a bit, it's quite alright. I'll take what I can get. When you're gone, I only wish you the best in all that you do. Times may get lonely, feelings can make you feel lost...but know back here, back where home once was...that you have a bunch of friends that are rooting for you and are supporting you. At all times. Make the world yours.

Love you.

See you when it's time again. Biyatch.


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