Countdown: Two Three

Ladies and Gentlemen! Hear ye, hear ye...


I have been slowly considering putting this blog away...but in my last hopes of desperation...I'm gonna try to keep going.

Almost about a week ago we were all celebrating my big two three. Not much was expected, but I ended up having one of the best bday's ever...All thanks to you guys & gals. Every last gesture was greatly appreciated...from the bday messages, texts, IMs, hugs, presents, and what not...I mean it when I say THANKS and I REALLY DO APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!


Well, here's some pics from the countdown the night before..I promise most of them are different from the others that have been posted. Enjoy!!!

Put your helmets on Ladies! It's gonna get rowdy.

So typical. Eating.
Cook rice bitch!!
Josephine x Toe-Knee x Kimtan (via ichat)
Batman in his Batcave
Josephine and the magical goblet
Jenny yoinked the goblet for a bit
Fuck goblets, give me the bottle
Alvin x Jenny


My new friend Fels.Wifey.

Countdown Crew. Cupcake.
Cupcake again. Ah, i love em!
Thanks crazy kids.

After a night of counting down to my big two three...it was time to hit the batcave and rest before our celebration at Onyx & Thin...

(to be cont...)


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