Friends & Fireworks

So I guess the trend for blogging about Club Massive is to link you all to Jomo's blog...so click here to check it out. In all actuality, we're just being super lazy and we just want to get the blog up real quick. The Bumsville Bitches spent the 4th separate from each other...Michelle is currently in New Jersey, Annabelle had to help her brother move, and Terry was running her own set of errands throughout the day.
In the afternoon, us two girls that were left back in San Diego got together and cabbed it over to Embarcadero to meet up with everyone. We were greeted by handfuls of friends and delicious food to eat...Thanks for feeding us guys! It was nice to have a fun but relaxed 4th.
Happy Birthday America. Enjoy the pics.

games are fun

what happened?!

sleepy nat



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