shake appeal

first off, here's an apology for slacking off to the max on the blog...well, summer is off to a great start...here's exhibit x--shake appeal at the guild. post shake appeal was a little get together at the bumsville house...it's probably the first time we had a huge crowd at the place & it's most definately not going to be the last.

good times with good friends. always. xoxx

ikah love

vicki x terry x jamie
cindy x annabelle x michelle
terry x jamie x michelle
doing the damn thing

a proper greeting at bumsville
josie x gian x klev
lip talk

birth of the pizza p**** palace
throw your hands up!
lots of people
all hungry
notice:hungry eyes in the red/white

hungry indeed! haha, caught ya!

neighbors are good for pedicures

"girlllll, i give you french tip"

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